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Stoney J's Farm and Orchard


As we started planting in 2016 we put in the posts for our vineyard and hope by the summer of 2017 have a full crop of grapes. With the grapes, we plan on making jelly/jam, juice,and wine.  We are putting 1 plot of 14 Muscadine plants with trellising.  

April 2017 Update - We completed the 2nd of our trellising system and added another 18 Muscadine plants along with 12 table Grape varieties, which are seedless.  We are hoping for a harvest this year on our 3 year old crop of 14 Muscadines.

Muscadine Varieties include:  Isons, Carlos, Pam,  Darlene, Sumpreme, Scuppernog, Hope and Noble.

Bunch Varieties include:  Concord, Niagra, Ruby Red