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Currently we have over 70 hens and 2 Roosters.  Our hens currently lay about 20 to 25 eggs a day, depending on the sun that day. Our hens are good egg layers which we have the following breeds:  Americana's, Leghorn's, Rhode Island Reds, Buff Orpington's, Silkie's, etc. They produce white, brown, and olive colored eggs.


We currently have three Great Pyrenees dogs and a Silver Lab.  The male Pyrenees is named Rocky and the female is named Misty Grey. They are both approximately 1 year old. The final pyrenees was a puppy from Misty's first litter and his name is Kylo.   Our other dog is a 3 year old, Silver Lab and her name is Bell.  We recently had to put asleep our 13 1/2 year old Yellow lab named Maximus.  He was truly a wonderful dog and may he rest in peace.

Established and incorporated in January of 2014, my wife Stephanie and I decided that it was time to remove ourselves from the typical sub-division living and we decided to purchased a 7 acre farm and start enjoying more of the outdoors and our family.  The farm property has 2 houses located on it with 4 pastures.  Multiple outbuildings and a Horse riding ring that has been converted into an area where we can work with our kids on Baseball and Softball.


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Fresh Eggs

Our goal is to provide the public with farm raised and pastured eggs.  The nutritional facts associated with farm raised eggs are huge compared to regular store bough eggs. 


Currently we have over 80 hens producing with and average of about 30 to 40 eggs per day.  The sizes range from medium up to extra-large/jumbo. 


In the beginning of November 2015, Misty had her first litter of puppies. She had 4 and all were boys. We plan on breeding her again at the end of 2017.



Grapes of all types of Muscadine have been planted.  8 Varieties will be available for harvest in Summer of 2018.  


Spring 2017 -  Planted 12 blackberry plants, 4 raspberry, 2 black raspberry and 9 blueberry plants.  Looking for our fist harvest Summer of 2017.

Fall 2017 - Adding 2 more trellis systems of Raspberries (Nantahala and Heritage). 

Spring 2018 - Added 6 more Blueberry Plants (Brightwell, Powderblue and Ochlockonee).


Strawberry Patch

Fall 2017 - Planted 500 Strawberry Plants (Sweet Charlie and Chandler).    



Hives look like they are going to make for 2018.  SHould have some honey in Spring/Summer. 

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